To wear a Murano bead means to carry centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Each bead tells a story, unites past and present, enchants and fascinates. Murano glass jewellery is a symbol of timeless elegance, of an art that lives in the heart of Venice.

For us at Muma they are joys to wear, happy thoughts, emotions.

we want everyone to have access to the true art of Murano glass

we help and support you at every stage of your purchase, right up to delivery

courier-proof packaging and fast shipping throughout the country

don't settle for copies: we support true Venetian craftsmanship and design


Muma was born from play, irony and experimentation. Our creations are as light as life.

We believe in the uniqueness of each person and each emotion and for this reason we do not produce in series but give life to unique and unrepeatable objects, always different.

Small works of art hand blown by the best Venetian glass masters that are created to bring beauty, light and colour to the world.