Oci al ziel

Collezione Rodoli de Vero

Eyeglass chain with Murano heart glass beads

Size: length approx. 33,46 inch with rubber eyelets for easy and comfortable wearing

Handcrafted jewellery made of seed beads, Murano glass heart beads in different colours with 'Phoenician' design, round and oval beads enriched with rhinestone pandorines.


authentic Murano glass


to your home in 8/10 days


ideal for gift

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance by wearing a handcrafted jewel with Murano glass beads. Each bead is a unique work of art handcrafted with skill and love.


Quality of raw materials

Immerse yourself in a world of rare beauty and craftsmanship, where raw materials are transformed into authentic works of art.

  • Glass rods, murrine and aventurine: these materials give pearls a unique appearance, rich in colour, lustre and detail.

  • Precious metals, such as gold and silver, are skilfully mixed with molten glass to create vibrant, iridescent shades.

Handcrafted lampwork

The process of creating Murano beads is a sinuous dance between craftsmanship and the skill of manipulating fire.  

  • Murano craftsmen, known as 'glass masters', use a secret mixture of quartz sand, soda, potash and lead oxide to create Murano glass.

  • The craftsmen mould these raw materials in fire into beautiful patterns and unique designs, giving the beads an incomparable personality and charm.

Entirely handmade jewellery

Each piece of jewellery is Made in Italy and requires meticulous attention to detail.

  • The craftsman carefully selects the Murano beads, with an expert eye distinguishing the nuances, shapes and details.

  • The hand-assembly of these precious pearls requires time, patience and skills acquired through generations of craftsmen.

Each finished jewel is a tribute to the tradition and craftsmanship excellence of Murano.


Reference GP0002D-KJ

Did you know that glasses are an all-Venetian invention, in use by the Serenissima as early as 1300? Without arms but enriched with chains or cords, they solved presbyopism and were called 'rodoli de vero per ogli per lezer'.

Our 'Rodoli de vero' collection is made up of handmade eyeglass cords made of Murano glass. Light chains made of seed beads and Murano glass beads handcrafted by the best Venetian glass masters. They are small jewelled accessories, created to celebrate our history and which allow us to always carry around the joy and beauty of coloured glass.

The jewel of the Rodoli de Vero collection is handcrafted, made with seed beads, Murano glass heart beads in different colours and round and oval beads, enriched with rhinestone pandorines.

Each bead is handmade by our Venetian craftsmen by fusing glass in mineral colours, following the millenary 'Art of glass beads' from 2020 Unesco Heritage. The picture is representative of the product, but from time to time certain details may vary due to manual production.

Like all our products, this is an authentic handcrafted work made exclusively for MuMa MuranoMania by skilled Murano glass masters.

The product is shipped with gift box and Certificate of Authenticity. Check out our other proposals: costume jewellery, lamps, vases, gift items and furnishing accessories all in Murano glass.