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"When we we left each other, we didn't seem to separate, but to go and wait for each other elsewhere."

"Once you have experienced the thrill of flight, when you are back on the ground, you will continue to look at the sky." 

"All my crazy love
The sky blows it
The sky blows it”

"Always hated the natural. What does natural even mean? Can you explain it to me? Language of maids and priests."

"Who irons by night the sky that by day is stretched across the streets of Venice?"

"Venice, its temples and palaces seemed like fabrics of enchantment piled up to heaven."

"Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't intend to take."

"Venetians have in their character an immense fund of joy; their capital sin is gluttony, but a gluttony that is chatty and alive."

"You make me spin, you make me spin
Like I was a doll, then you knock me down, then you knock me down, like I was a doll"

Queen of Cyprus and a member of the well-known Venetian patrician family, Caterina Cornaro was a strong and elegant woman.

Rare flowers dance amidst plays of light, capturing the essence of Venice.

"Oceto beo,
questo è so fradeo"
Ancient nursery rhyme